Docs: Hide product by GeoIP


  1. Go to your codecanyon account on page download to get the plugin bundle
  2. Unpack downloaded codecanyon bundle zip
  3. In your wordpress site go to:
  4. Press there button ‘View’
  5. Find unzipped codecanyon folder, open it, find there and select it
  6. Press ‘Install Now’ link
  7. Wait a little
  8. After installation finish press ‘Activate Now’ link


Woocommerce settings->Products->Display

  1. Hide product by country – Enable the ability to hide products based on the location of the user.  (the plugin uses the woocommerce functionality GeoIP)
  2. Hide product by currency – Enable the ability to hide products based on the current currency.   This function works only with the plugin WOOCS
  3. Reverse the query – This option makes the search query reverse. For example, the plug-in will only show the product in the US instead of hiding it for US users. It analogically works with currencies.

Product Options:

  1. Choice of currency. If this currency is current – this product will be hidden
  2. Here is chosen the country in which the product will be hidden


“woohp_geoip_code”  – You can override the current location of the user’s position. Accepts a two-digit country code


[woohp_test_geoip] – This shortcode shows the current location of the user. Used to test plug-in functionality