FAQ: Hide product by GeoIP

Q: Where can I see the plugin settings?
R: Woocommerce settings->Products->Display

Q: Can I show products by country instead of hiding them?
R: Yes! Check an option – “Reverse the query”

Q: How can I hide products by currency?
R: First you need to install the plugin WOOCS – https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-currency-switcher/

Q: Products are not hidden. It looks like the location of users is not determined correctly.
R: GeoLocation provided by native woocommerce native API, so it should works perfectly . Check this with a VPN or use special services https://www.locabrowser.com/   To show  GeoIP  use shortcode [woohp_test_geoip].  If only one country is always displayed:

1 Check  option

2  Contact  to support of your  hosting